Putting the Maps Aside and the articles on VZW.com about when SLC will get full 4G LTE,
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I think I have a semi-firm grasp on what is happening in Salt Lake city regarding the unveiling of the "real and pure 4G LTE" so I would like some feedback about 2 devises.  If I am in the wrong area, I am sure someone will let me know, but feel free to give me any personal experience with the 2 devices that I am looking at to replace my MIFI2200 which I have had for about 3 years with very little success keeping it up and running as a reliable alternative to an internet connection.


The past 4 months I have been working with an advanced tech support agent in an attempt to figure out why my MiFI2200 works for 3 minutes (or I should say 3-10 minutes) and then all of the sudden eh service light gradually slows down to a regular blink, which is when I know the internet connection is lost and then it goes to a solid green light.  Sometimes if I turn the MIFI200 off and and airport on my MacBook Pro of and back on I can save the connection, but over the past 6 months the ability that I can save the connection has decreased drastically.  


So I have this MiFI2200 which is do for a product upgrade, a $50 NE2.  I also have a moto basic phone which is due for an upgrade or a $35 NE2.  With no 4G here in salt Lake city that I can find from a reliable resource, I am looking at the Samsung Hot spot and now I see the MIFI has the 4G device like the MIFI2200 3G device.  I am not sure why I never had god reception or connection with any of the 4 MiFI2200's I have had, the other 3 were Just Like New Replacements from the previous one that I would get but would never work like it should have.


So here I have been paying the high price for the past 3 years nil last month a tech support agent told me the rate I should be paying is $10 less for the unlimited data service.  So, wow, 6 months later somebody at Verizon notified me that I have been overpaying for the data service even know they can see that I have had zero usage from this device.


Any suggestions on the Samsung Hot Spot or the MIFI 4G since they have hit the market?  With only 3G until Salt Lake City gets the 4GLTE up and running, I am wondering how the 2 devices deal with changing from 4G to 3G and back if I travel via car and get into a 4G area.  I kept reading on a forum that the change from 3G to 4G and visa versa had been a real mess, but I am hoping that this might have improved.


Any thoughts on the Thunderbolt and if I decide to get that will it work with the 3G in Salt Lake city until SLC changes to 4G?


Thanks for any experience or suggestions.

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