Recently degraded signal - 4G/LTE
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My family is experiencing this degradation in 4G/LTE signal @ our address - inside the house and outside.  This is a fairly new, and I am not sure if it correlates to the addition of 5G equipment on some of the area towers, but we have gone from 3/4 bars to 1.  I am in the city limits in a well populated area and the signal strength used to be very good.  Verizon Support - please help! 

The answer SHOULD NOT BE:

1) purchase a signal extender
2) purchase a 5G phone

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Verizon Signals are degrading all over the Nation!!! Verizon will disagree but most of Verizon Wireless Customer's will agree with me.

Customer Service Rep

As valued customers, your family's service concerns are our concerns too. Having reliable service is essential and we're here to help. Let's work together on this matter. How long have you been experiencing service issues? Which of your services is being affected? (e.g., calls, text, web browsing, etc.) Can you provide our team with the name of the city and state that you’re in and the nearest intersection where you're located, so we can review the area? - RobertC_VZW