Recently poor coverage in 55125

I live in the Twin Cities metro area.  In the last few months coverage in and near our home is terrible.  It still shows up on your map as fully covered for LTE, but it isn't. If I call from my home or outdoors in my yard, the call looks like it has been placed but I can't hear anyone on the other end.  We have four phones in the home, and all are having the same problem. 

Specifically, I live at 6165 Oakwood Rd in Woodbury, Minnesota.  I live 1 mile from the intersection of three major freeways, and about 1 1/2 miles south of 3M's corporate headquarters.  About half the people who leave 3M drive within a mile of my house down Century Avenue.  There's a spot on Century Avenue between Oakwood and Upper Afton where calls always drop.

Travelling on Parkwood Road, near Valley Creek Road, calls always drop.

If I manage to pick up a call, which does happen occasionally at home, the call inevitably drops.

Hoping you are going to tell me there' s a reason and a fix on the horizon in the very near future, I will need to leave for another carrier.

In field test mode my signal strength shows up as -114.

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Let's make sure you are back up & enjoying your phone wherever you are at. What was your experience before this all started? Was there anything new going on, in the area or on your phone, when this all started? What model phone do you have?

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