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Reminder: It's 2020 and a pandemic is going on but Verizon thinks 600 kbps is an okay throttle point

It's 2020 and a pandemic has forced us all to stay home for the most part.  And for those of us lucky enough to keep our jobs; to work from home as well.  I work at home and the only source of internet in the rural town I live in is a sole Verizon tower now that CenturyLink doesn't offer any service for new tenants on their DSL line.


I was really excited for Verizon because I was using my company's jetpack for a bit until I could go sign up for internet and I was getting fantastic speeds of 245/35 and hat my own router in bridge mode to network the rest of the house.  All worked well until I went to Verizon and tried signing up for the LTE Home Internet service that started popping up.  Guess what?  Doesn't even exist in my state yet!  One of the more rural states with LoS to towers miles away due to the geography of the state.


Okay I figured, just sign me up for the same unlimited plan my job has no matter the cost.  The Verizon rep, and store manager both came out with a Jetpack and Unlimited Pro plan and were excited for me that this would work.  I mentioned my company's jetpack would get deprioritized during congestion and I was fine with that.  They indicated that is what would happen too.  Well color me surprised when several days later I was throttled back to 1992.  


I honestly hope every Telecom company that adheres to this practice get's their day in court once this is all over because it was incredibly suspicious that some of the older Unlimited plans that deprioritized were replaced with these hard throttle points.



Re: Reminder: It's 2020 and a pandemic is going on but Verizon thinks 600 kbps is an okay throttle point
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A wireless carrier is not a replacement for home internet.

If you live somewhere that has poor connectivity either move or work with your local government to do something about it. I've lived somewhere before that only dialup or satellite and I didn't stay there long because of it. A city in Tennessee got tired of ISPs not servicing them and ended up building their own gigabit fiber.

It's not Verizon's job to take an already congested network and make it borderline unusable because your town doesn't care about infrastructure. That's where your frustration should be focused.

Re: Reminder: It's 2020 and a pandemic is going on but Verizon thinks 600 kbps is an okay throttle point

Except when its the whole state that has the problem?  It's literally Verizon's/AT&T's/Sprint/T-Mobile/Xfinity/CenturyLink's job to provide internet when that is what I am being told I am getting in the store.  Telecom companies have been receiving grants and tax cuts to "upgrade their infrastructure" for years  and only started telling everyone about 5g Home Internet and LTE Home internet when?

I would have gladly signed up with "proper" internet by CenturyLink refused service since they oversold the area based on not everyone being home for almost a year.  Don't assume every town/city/county/state has the luxury of walking down to the Governors office and going "internet please" like governments haven't been paying Telecom for years to bring everyone into the 21st century.


You fanboy for Verizon with the reasoning "its not their job" when its quite literally what they get paid to do.


You're sitting here justifying them eliminating their older Unlimited plans for these hard throttles and $15 a gig instead of having upgraded their infrastructure years ago.  Not to mention 600 kbs is absolutely nothing, if it was even like 3/1 MBS this wouldn't be as big of a problem.


And FYI our state did get sick of their garbage and has started pumping out Fiber Lines but their first stop was a national laboratory.