Report - 4G Service Significantly Degraded


I want to formally report that my wireless service has been subpar since 1JULY 2017.  I have been using your wireless internet service since January 2015 and it has always been lightning fast.  That was until recently, on 1 JULY 2017 the service was suddenly degraded to the point that I am only getting an average of 40 KB/s with bursts up to 300-500 KB/s.  This is completely unacceptable and really makes me wonder why I am paying $450 a month for this service.

And before you ask.  No I have not exceeded 10G on my device.  I spent TWO WEEKS troubleshooting my computer, my devices (4 IPhones and 1 Ipad) and the network; and I have concluded that it is the service.  I have run tests from multiple computers, using multiple devices as hotspots, from multiple locations (as I took my device and laptop on the road).  All the test results were the same regardless.  Your service is severely degraded to an UNACCEPTABLE level.

I suspect with the move to the Unlimited Plan that Verizon did not have sufficient network infrastructure in place to handle the .  If that is the case then acknowledge it and let us know the plan to fix this, instead of having  your Tech personnel pretend there isn't a problem.

So what is the plan Verizon?

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Re: Report - 4G Service Significantly Degraded
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I'm so sorry for any issues with your service as of late. Let's get a plan started.  I'd love to help you and get to the bottom of this for you. What zip code are you in? Are you having issues with your Verizon Wifi service at home, and your Verizon Wireless service when you're out? Please clarify some details with me, so we can get the information we need in order to assist you.


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