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I spend an hour each way 4 days a week sitting on the MARC Penn Line train staring at the scenery or the inside of my eyelids. I would like to actually do some work but I can't. I can't get a mobile data signal. There are hundreds of people on the the 8 double decker cars just sitting there twiddling their thumbs because they can't get a signal on the train.

I wonder how much Verizon is losing on bigger data plans that people don't get because they can't get a signal on the train. If I could get a signal, I could connect via VPN in to the system at work and most of my 2 hours on the train would count for me as work hours. However; I can't get a connection, so I can't work. That means my day is much longer because I can't work on the train. I would have to get a serious bump in the size of my data plan if I could work for 2 hours everyday while I was sitting on the train.

What is the process for getting Verizon to improve the data connection along the Maryland MARC Penn line so that I, and lots of others on the train can connect in and get some work done while passing the miles away on the train.

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Unfortunately you are likely out of luck unless AT&T has better coverage in those areas. Can you at least make voice calls?