Reporting a congested tower
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Since the beginning of 2020, our data speed on our phones has been between .75-0mbps download and .01-0mbps upload at work. Every employee on Verizon I've asked are having the exact same issue. There's usually at least one Verizon customer out in the parking lot at any given time trying to download an email. I contacted Verizon via Twitter and they said it was tower congestion. It's literally all day though, so there's evidently something wrong with the tower itself, but they haven't sent a technician out to look at it. Multiple state agencies are being affected in the area. The nearest major intersection is Capital Circle/Mahan Dr in Tallahassee, FL 32308.

AT&T service has been working great for those customers.

Re: Reporting a congested tower
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STILL occurring in 2022.

4G/LTE signal is basically useless in Parkway area. And now Verizon have turned off 3G, the phone is an expensive paperweight for 9 hours a day while I work in this area. I have created MULTIPLE tickets over the past 5 years, and Verizon still refuses to do anything.