Ridiculous Amount of Money!

I would like to know if any other customers with verizon are having the same problem I am. I currently have 6 lines with Verizon and I have been a customer for over 6 years. I am extremly displeased with the customer service I have been getting. I was laid off from work which cause me to have a te payment. For the past months my cell phone bills has been over $700.00. I know have a bill for about $800 and something, when i called verizon to ask whats going on, they give me the most ridiculious explanations ever. They are charging me money for like every little thing imaginable. I want to go and cancel my account but each line is about 350 plus to disconect... Any sugestions on what I can do....? Please let me know..

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Re: Ridiculous Amount of Money!
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On your itemized bill, what exactly are you getting charged for that you think you shouldn't be?

What is "every little thing imaginable"?