Ridiculous slow data speed

What's going on with VZW data speed the past 7-8 months? It has drastically slower down. Right now I'm in Houston and I can't get even 1 Mbps download. That's a metroplex and I get this type of slow speed. I also have Cricket as my work phone and they have by far way better download speed. 


Why am I paying VZW premium service when I'm getting less than subpar data speed. 

Re: Ridiculous slow data speed
Customer Service Rep

Hello PFChains, 


We always want you to have the best wireless experience. I regret to learn of any issues with data, and I'm eager to assist you today. Tell me, are you aware of other VZW customers having the same issue, or is it only happening with your phone? Is it happening everywhere you use your phone, or only in a specific location? Please share some details, we definitely want to get to the bottom of this.