Run around solutions?

So I need suggestions before I take business elsewhere. I've been a long standing customer of Verizon and unfortunately brought wife and family over as well. My wife's iPhone screen cracked with one week left before her two year contract is up and she can upgrade. So I assure her it won't matter that it is a week early, I'm sure they will work with you. So she goes into a Verizon store front in which they tell her they cannot approve it a week early but to go home and call online support to approve and note her account so she can return the following day. So she calls the online support which they tell her the store folks are lazy and always say that but they can do the upgrade, the online support told her the account was noted and to return to the store. So she does that only for the store clerk to again deny her any progress. Now its three days later and three attempts but only the run around. How sorry do you have to be and now to avoid my wife and two boys spending another afternoon wasting time with Verizon I have to shop other vendors myself.

Any suggestions or similar stories out there?

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Re: Run around solutions?
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Verizon does not upgrade early. They changed all that long ago.

What you get today is a stall tactic and then when its time you can then upgrade.

also look into consumer cellular.

Good Luck