Saline MI Suddenly Dropping Calls
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Over the last two weeks the service in parts of our community #Saline went from marginal to ABYSMAL.  All calls drop after a couple of minutes.  When they drop, the screen says #call failed  or occasionally #SOS and freezes when you try and hit the redial.  No matter how many times you exit the screen, when you try and call that person back, the phone simply doesn't respond.  

Our local Verizon store was inundated by people reporting this problem and a number of people have called Verizon.  We are told to reset our phones (less than a year old and up-to-date) or to use Wi-Fi calling.  Wi-Fi in our area is terrible as well (but it's always been the way).  Those who have called have also been told that no one else has reported this problem.

This is a noticeable decline in our Verizon service and is unacceptable to those who use their phones for business.  

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Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to read about the issues with your service and we want to take a look. Does this happen at all times during the day? Aside from calls, are you also having issues with texts  and data? ~Peter