Salt Lake City and the Surrounding Cities Have 4G LTE
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First off, I made an earlier post but I aded some other topics and it is fairly old so I am keeping this post with one topic in mind.


I am so glad that verizon is using the better white and red map with the circles and stars in the legend.  I was so misled and I feel Verizon tied to mislead me in believing that 2 months ago Salt Lake city had 4G but having this other multi-colored 4G map, but abter tons of calls and questions and research, it looks like it is not used anymore (at least I hope they corrected it or replaced it with the much better more plain red and white map)  this map if anybody is looking for what I was able to find out is the more accurate but not as "high tech" looking as the multi-colored red map.  However, despite how the other map Verizon was promising me was correct about what is available in Salt Lake city, it is not accurate and as I will just say one more time because it put me through such a headache and tons of problems, I have not seen it around but I hope Verizon dropped their pride and got rid of it.


OK, does anybody live near downtown Salt Lake City or one of the surrounding cities like Murray, Bountiful, Holliday, South Salt Lake etc. and have either a new Droid Charge or a Samsung or MIFI mobile hot spot (the one that replaced the MIFI 2200 Mobile Hot Spot) and is getting good 4G LTE service?  I am looking for the top of the 4G legend, not the extended or the mix of 3G/4G?


I have been with Verizon for about 2 years and have had a ton of trouble getting decent 3G coverage where I live near 3900 South and the Trax lines.  I am really hoping when the 4G is up fully in the Salt Lake City area (which it looks like they were able to get it up sooner then they had planned but I want to confirm this with real live  :smileyhappy: Verizon customers)  If you have had good service and want to share what devices you are using, that would help me a lot.  Or you can send me a PM.


I have had such bad experience with the service I have had, but rather then leaving Verizon, I am trying to see if there are devices tha will work well where I live, but first off I wanted to get some answers to this post.


Thanks in advance for anybody who can take the time to give me some feedback and lives in Salt Lake city or the surrounding area.

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