Samsung Galaxy S II on Verizon with LTE?

I'm currently an AT&T customer planning on switchig in a couple of months to Verizon. I've been looking at the new crop of Android phones. I love the specs of the new Samsung Galaxy S II but it looks to be only AT&T in the US. The only thing I would change about the Galaxy S II is the GPU; I would prefer a Tegra 2 chipset.


So if there's no plan for Galaxy S II for Verizon, does anyone know what  might be it's equal or better. What I would like in the phone is:


* Super AMOLED - probably the best display on any phone currently

* Dual Core (or even better the new Snap Dragon quad core) processor

* 1080p recording capable

* LTE capable

* 1 GB or better RAM


I'm starting to lean toward the DROID Bionic, but I hate to sacrifice the SAMOLED display.


Thanks for any suggestions.


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Re: Samsung Galaxy S II on Verizon with LTE?
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give it time, if the galaxy one is an example, there will be a flavor on every carrier

Re: Samsung Galaxy S II on Verizon with LTE?
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I wouldn't buy a Galaxy S 2. You'll never get a software upgrade.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S II on Verizon with LTE?
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I agree; there will likely be another Galaxy S line phone for Verizon.  The question is: should you get it?  The  experience on the Fascinate (Verizon's original Galaxy S phone) was pretty pathetic.  Verizon essentially neutered the phone and changed a bunch of settings that made the phone almost unusable for all my friends who had it.


I had not heard if the Galaxy S II on AT&T will be a 4G LTE device.  If it is not, then you're still talking about bringing a GSM phone onto a CDMA/LTE network and it won't work.  If it is LTE, it will have to have a radio that supports Verizon's frequency (700MHz), as I am pretty sure that AT&T (like the rest of the world) will be using a different spectrum for their LTE.


Additionally, I don't know if VoLTE will be a feature yet on either carrier (Voice Over Long Term Evolution).  If it is not, then you are still talking about GSM for voice on AT&T and CDMA for voice on Verizon.  Therefore, even if the Galaxy S II from AT&T does support the 700MHz spectrum, it won't be able to make calls on Verizon.

Re: Samsung Galaxy S II on Verizon with LTE?
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samsung droid stealth 4/7.



sounds like a facinate 4g un-bingfoked.  will verizon do something for the unhappy subscribers with a fascinate?