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Samsung SCH-LC11 doesn't broadcast in busy WiFi environments

I've updated to the latest firmware.


When I am in an airport or hotel or city environment with multiple wifi networks, the LC11 gets confused and shuts off it's WiFi altogether.


Since you can't use the USB to connect, you are dead in the water.  Once back in a less noisy wifi enviroment, you can connect and lock the device a specific channel, but once back in a noisy wifi environment, the LC11 still fails.


I also have problems with connections dropping.  The updated firmware did fix a problem of only one user being able to be active on the hotspot, so that at least is better.


Any thoughts?

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Re: Samsung SCH-LC11 doesn't broadcast in busy WiFi environments
  1. I have not seen this.  I have been in areas with 30+ access points in it that had not issues.  I suspect that if you move away from the device for distance this may be an issue, but it would be hard to imagine if you are very close to your hotspot for this to happen.
  2. Use software to determine what channels are saturated and change your hotspot to use a channel that is not (stop using auto)
  3. Make sure you are using a secure protocol instead of none or just WEP.

Not sure what device you are linking to with it, but if it is a Winbox there are several free WiFi discovery apps out there that can show you what is available, signal levels etc... Even basic droid wifi stuff provides most of that.


Common Winbased package:

Re: Samsung SCH-LC11 doesn't broadcast in busy WiFi environments

I've seen this all the time with the Samsung. The only way to fix this and force the Samsung's wi-fi back online is to 'hard reset' it using these instructions:


I'm getting the Novatel to see if its any better.

Re: Samsung SCH-LC11 doesn't broadcast in busy WiFi environments

I have had mine for 3 days and I have experienced the wifi signal dropping off.  I didn't really associate it to being in busy wifi areas, but I would have to say that is a common thread with my problem as well.  I asked about this issue with customer support when I was experiencing other issues and the CSR had no record of problems.  My hotspot was working at that time, so I didn't work through the issue.


The only way I have been able to get my wifi link back up is to pull the battery and then power it back on.