Samsung SCH-LC11 experience in Las Vegas - not good
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I was in Las Vegas last week for the HP Discover 2011 convention.  This was a 10,000+ sized conference.


I have two datacards one from Sprint and the other Verizon, both 4G and WiFi connect.  Both carriers have, at least according to the website, good coverage and I had a good signal showing.  The event was held at The Venetian and my hotel was next door at Harrahs.


I ended up using my Sprint device most of the time.


First day, Sunday, Verizon was good.  Monday could not get a 4G connection, or a 4G connection but data would not flow.  3G sometimes and very slow..  Had trouble next two days.  Called Verizon and tech walked through normal stuff (turned on, signal, WiFi settings, etc...).  We ended up resetting the device with the button under the battery cover and got it to work.  At least until the following day when I was back to square one with the same original issues and could not use Verizon until I restored it to factory settings (used the browser interface this time).


Litterally, would power up my Sprint and I was going.  This was clearly an issue with the SCH-LC11 and not my laptop.


With an event of that size naturally the wireless networks were busy or swamped.  But I was very surprised and disappointed at how quickly the Verizon was not usable.  4G may not yet be ready for prime time.


If you travel, must have an Internet connection and are counting on this device/service, you might want to consider having a second carrier available.


I was very pleased with Verizon tech support and even got a followup call, but I could not use the device when I really needed it.

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Re: Samsung SCH-LC11 experience in Las Vegas - not good
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Hello dalewood,


I do understand the importance of being connected at all times.  I know you are no longer in that area for us to further assist, but I do want to inquire if everything is working well for you now?

Re: Samsung SCH-LC11 experience in Las Vegas - not good
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What version firmware do you have on your hotspot?