San Diego Comic Con (July 17-21) Breaks 4G !!!

I was in the Exhibit Hall for the five days of the San Diego Comic Con.  I got my new S4 so I could use Square to take credit cards... but guess what?  During the exact periods that the Exhibit Hall was open (10am to 7pm) there was NO PHONE/INTERNET CONNECTION!!! 

PLEASE FIX THIS BEFORE NEXT YEAR!!!  There are around 100,000 people at Comic Con who would appreciate it!!!

I had to borrow a friend's phone who had AT&T and 3G in order to use Square!  She had NO PROBLEMS.  What's up with that??? 

I know it's unusual to have that much added traffic in one place, but phone/internet connection is CRUCIAL during Comic Con. 

I was extremely annoyed!

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