Service Degradation
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I am seeing, literally, hundreds of posts from Verizon users that state the service has degraded for them in the past few years, to the point where they are no longer able to call or access the internet.

Let me preface this statement by saying that many of the individuals that I personally know that are with Verizon, with all different manners of service levels (I on am prepaid; my mother-in-law is on unlimited) are experiencing service problems.

The last 6 months have gotten so bad the texts are taking hours to arrive or not arriving at all; phone calls are impossible to maintain on the road, and the 4G service is significantly more spotty.

I also understand that different phones have different rates of connectivity, but these issues seem to be wider than phone to phone problems.

I want Verizon to understand that this isn't acceptable, and given the chance, many loyal customers are going to change carriers.  Unfortunately, in my area, Verizon's network is the only one I can utilize on my daily commute as well as at home.  On the bright side, there are plenty of prepaid options I can try that use their network.  Hopefully I can find one that works.  If not, I plan to drop all cell service.

As a last ditch effort, I am posting to this forum in the hopes that someone at Verizon will take notice that there is a real issue here.  I don't know if this is related to 5G services or not, but when you just can no longer get reliable service you have to pull the plug sometime.  

So Verizon, after hours of phone calls, service requests, engineering review promises and a myriad of frustrating conversations, this is your last chance.



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Let's see if this gets marked as spam and deleted.  Same problems in 2023 and over 2 years of phone calls with no resolution.  It's so bad that I couldn't keep a phone call with tier 2 tech support up (and of course never got a call back when it dropped) that I had to use another carrier's phone to complete a call to Verizon Wireless tech support.

Re: Service Degradation
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Hello, AJG617. I sent you a private note, please feel free to reply to it in case you need more help.