Service is TERRIBLE
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My calls drop or cut out EVERY DAY. I live in a major city and I have contacted Verizon multiple times. They said my phone was old and I got a new phone- worse now. Contacting is an issue, always wait 30-45 min on hold and get transferred for another long hold. The rep will tell me I need an alternate phone to troubleshoot but I CAN'T AND THAT IS RIDICULOUS TO ASK ME TO DO THAT, especially when they take at least an hour. They ask repeatedly and I tell them, no other phone is available, and they STILL ask "are you with someone? Can you use their phone?" Unbelievably ridiculous. Verizon doesn't care about customer service or phone service. You will be losing me. What a joke.

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Re: Service is TERRIBLE
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Frustrateduser12345, we know how important it is to have reliable service. We do apologize that you came across issues with yours. We would never want to lose you over this. I have sent you a Private message to discuss this further.  



Re: Service is TERRIBLE
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No, it's not. Trying to troubleshoot on the phone having issues is the equivalent of going to a mechanic to make car noises while your car is at home.