Service on DC Metro Trains

I recently upgraded from a E815 to a thunderbolt. With the E815 I received decent service on the DC underground metro trains (which I hear is exclusive to verizon). The can only pick up a slight signal at the stations.  Is the dedicated metro system not compatable with 4g phones or is it something with the thunderbolt?




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Re: Service on DC Metro Trains
Verizon Employee

Hello jasonparallel!


I understand your concern with not getting the same signal with your new HTC Thunderbolt as you did with your previous Motorola E815, using it on the DC Metro train.  I would be more than happy to assist you!


Each model device we offer and have offered in the past are all manufactured differently, when it comes to reception capabilities.  The HTC Thunderbolt is a great device, especially when it comes to the web and application capabilities.  However, the internal antenna is positioned differently in the device, which may result in a different outcome of performance when in areas where the network is hindered by structures or by being underground, which is also why we cannot guarantee reception in all places.


I hope I have answered your questions and addressed your concerns!