Setting up a home network using the new USB551L modem

I have recently switched from the 3G USB760 modem to the new 4G LTE USB511L modem. Since I live in a very rural area, it is one of the few internet options that I have and I am forced to use it for my home. I previously set up a wireless network using the previous modem by connecting a wireless router to my computer by ethernet cord. I then went under the properties of the connection in order to allow other computers/devices to use the connection. Since switching to the new USB modem, the network does not appear under the list of options when using the Windows 7 network connections icon in the lower right corner of the screen. I am trying to set up a similar wireless network for my house but I am having difficulty. It seems that everything will connect to the wireless router but the router is lacking internet connection. Any advice is appreciated. 

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Re: Setting up a home network using the new USB551L modem
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Your best Option use th eUSB551L in a Hybrid Router:


The MBR95 will work for your situation plus it has 4 etherent ports if you need it, you can connect your network/wireless printers, android, ipad, ps3, xbox, nintendo wii, DVR, satellite, etc....


Combine it with a Full Band 3G/4G Hybrid Antenna and you got the best of all worlds