Severe Service Degradation
Enthusiast - Level 1

For about 6+ months, we have noticed a severe degradation of service at our home (in the Washington DC area).  I called a couple months ago and I was told that 5G was stepping on the 4G signal because 5G was "right down the road" (I confirmed on the service map that it is quite close).  The rep had me reset my network settings and told me it would get better over 24 hours.  Clearly, it did not. 

Currently, we have 2 phones that are often unable to receive or place calls even outside our home. We have to walk up the street about 1/4 mile to get signal beyond 1 bar. Much of the time, text messages (both SMS and MMS) will just sit as sending and then eventually fail. Often when we leave our home and drive to another location, we receive all our missed voicemail messages and text messages.

It is important to note that we had no problem getting service in/around our home until about 6 months ago.  

I have upgraded my phone and my service but there has been absolutely no improvement. 

I have tried to call Verizon a second time about this but ended up having to do the chat (I just got placed on hold indefinitely) and that chat conversation was absolutely not productive.  The rep took a very long time to respond and suggested things that I had already tried. I eventually gave up. I cannot spend my entire afternoon attempting to chat with somebody.

I am incredibly frustrated. I have been a Verizon customer almost exclusively since 1996 and considering I am living in the Washington DC area, I am disappointed and beyond frustrated with this situation.