Shareable Data Plans, would be nice
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Some users are asking why certain devices have unlimited data features (on a single device) while others are paying roughly $10 per GB of monthly data.   


Here's my proposal:    All data device users should be treated equally.  (HTC Thunderbolt users may need some temporary perks - like extra batteries :smileyhappy:  ).    Data is data  -  we should pay for amount and speed of data delivery.   Since PCs with modems or MiFi's , or  3G/4G smartphones with wi-fi  are converging in their functions ,    I believe it would be easier if someone with a tetherable device (smartphone, PC, netbook, etc)  could share his data bucket with other devices.


 Clearly,   sharing "unlimited" is not a feasible biz option for Verizon.  It's got to be a fixed amount of data.   I think the lowest tier should be just $10 for 1GB of monthly data (and $10 per add'l 1GB)  - shareable across any number of devices.    The technical issues are not that great. -  not much different than  "family plans" with shareable minutes, etc.   


I would not call them "family data plans".     I have a feature phone, a 3G smartphone,  a small biz notebook (not a netbook) , and a desktop.    So,  let's come up with a nice name for this kind of  "fair data" plan.    If this kind of thing was available,  I may even consider a 4G smartphone one of these days.  For now,  I'm sticking with my 4G USB modem with free PC software based tethering.  


Comments, and other proposals, welcome




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Re: Shareable Data Plans, would be nice

You may want to do a search of the Communty for this. The subject has been discussed greatly in the past. VZW tested just what you want late last year/early this year. The opportunity to get in has passed. But VZW I am sure is seeing how it hots the financials and maybe, just maybe it will be opened to the masses.