Should I sell sim card with 4G modem?

I want to sell my 4G modem. Verizon called and offered me an upgrade which I took, but they failed to notice that I don't live in a 4G area! So I forgot to return it (within the very short time period) and now I am stuck with it. Since I did activate it for a short time but then deactivated it, should I sell it with the sim card or just tell them that they should get a new one? I only used it for a few hours. I don't know what info is on the sim for a modem. Anyone know? Thanks.

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It contains your personal account information.


But VZW on their back-end authentication systems can de-link the SIM card IMSI# to no-one's account so it is useless.


The best way due to still personal info on it is ALWAYS WHEN SELLING/GIVING AWAY A DEVICE TO REMOVE THE SIM CARD. 


If you aren't going to be using VZW 4G service in the future then trash it.


if you are, that SIM card IMSI# (seiral #) can be dynamically reprogrammed and attached to anyone's VZW account on tech support or (swap phones feature).


On 4G devices VZW has overlaid their entire CDMA 3GPP2 network with a GSM 3GPP one. In layman's terms ALL AUTHENTICATION is moved from the device serial # in CDMA (ESN/MEID) to the SIM card.


What a SIM card in heavy tech business users is FREEDOM. it REMOVES the assoication of the physical device to the network authentication.


Basically on VZW 4G devices like AT&T/T-Mobile you can shutdown the phone. Remove the SIM card.


If you still have your SIM card and have someone else's 4G phone you can boot their phone with your phone #.


(Any 4G phone boots with the data off the SIM card, the phone is the medium).


I DO NOT recommend doing this unless you are a business power user and know the technical specifics because VZW support won't help you unless told my them (it's a resource training issue).