Should Verizon get a $G Iphone or what !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean Verizon already has a 4G phone, so why is it so hard

to get a 4G Iphone. No matter what Verizon is still making money

but the consumers have to pay, because we are forced to sign

a 2 year contract. So if a new phone comes out, the customer

who has been loyal has to take a back seat and wait 2 yrs. I

think having a 1 year contract would promote growth and get

more people joining the company. PLease get more 4G phones.

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Re: Should Verizon get a $G Iphone or what !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verizon is at the mercy of Apple.  If Steve Jobs isn't happy with the requirements LTE demands, it isn't going to happen.  All indications are that Apple isn't willing to accept using the 1st generation LTE chips in the iPhone and will hold out for 2nd gen chips.  Don't expect a 4G model until 2012.