Showing 2-3 bars, but internet is not working
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In and around my house our phones show 2-3 bars of LTE, but internet doesn’t work. Basically it tries to load a website, but never really does. Sometimes it works early in the morning, but stops working around 8am ish (I’m assuming once more people are on the network).

we have tried it with 4 different phones and all are experiencing the same thing. Extremely annoying.

How can this be fixed? We have been on Verizon as a family for over 12 years and it worked fine at this location for the last 11 years, this issue just started last year.

Re: Showing 2-3 bars, but internet is not working
Customer Service Rep

Hello We like to investigate with you and run some tests, Please Dm us, 11 years of service is a long time. 

- Jose