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Now that I am working from home I have to depend on my cell phone to do alot of my work since I dont have a home phone.  However our service is awful where I live and I heard verizon offers boosters to strengthen phone signals.  

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What Verizon Wireless offers are network extenders and they work slightly different from a signal booster. A signal booster enhances the existing cellular signal around them and a network extender actually generates its own cellular signal. 


Verizon Wireless sells the network extenders and they only work with postpaid accounts. These units connect to your home landline internet connection and creates a micro cell tower within your home. If you don't have access to a landline based Internet service provider, then the network extender isn't a viable option for you.


For options for customers on a prepaid account or those without a landline based Internet service, you can look into signal boosters like the ones from Wilson.

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