Signal Deteriorating

I've read quite a few comments on signal deteriorating in many areas. I've experienced the exact same issue and today, right now in fact, is the worst it's been. I get 2 Mbps download, which is the worst I've had in the 10+ years being a Verizon customer. I've never seen speeds that low... Ever!

I live in 71423 area code and I've had good signal until just recently, even our LTE internet service is effected to the point we can't watch a movie or YouTube or just about anything with 2Mbps speed. Come to think about it, I too switched my plan as well, just as another person commented on, but that shouldn't have effected my internet plan.

I would like to think the mobile carriers have to be making good enough money to maintain quality service to everyone, regardless of their plan.

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Customer Service Rep

Milo302 We're sorry to read about the service issues in your area. What kind of signal does your device show? Does this happen at specific hours of the day or always? ~Peter