Signal Issues

After the Ice Storm in February, my husband and I both started to have poor service. We are in a rural area (30218), but we did get 3G most of the time. Now we are lucky if we get that and most always we have only 1X or even sometimes No Service. We thought we would give plenty of time thinking that Verizion was busy and had just not made it to our neck of the woods just yet, but that hasn't happend. I have been a loyal customer of Verizion for many years and I really do not wish to change, but what is the point of paying as much as we do for 1x or No Service at all. Please have someone go and check our towers in Gay and Harrelson as that is where we normally recieve our signal from. We both have the Iphone 5, but that is not the problem as we have had guests at our home that also have Verizion and they have the same issue with different phone models.
Please notify me via text that this problem is being addressed.


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