Signal Loss
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Been a Verizon wireless phone customer for 20 years.  Years as a post paid customer and most recently a few years as prepaid.  We have lived in my home for over a decade with excellent service. Always 4 bars and great 4G speeds.  Home internet not so much.  Frontier DSL is the ONLY option available and it is terrible.  Slow speed and frequent outages left me often tethering my phone to my laptop to work in emergent situations.  Imagine my happiness when I find I am eligible for 4G LTE Home Internet!  Gone are the 10Mbps woes of outdated DSL!  In with the 40, 50 + Mbps great Verizon services my phone has had for years! For about a month all has been great. After a few weeks trial, I cut the cord and cancel my DSL on 8.6.21.  Yesterday that all changed.  Both phones in the house are only showing the first TINY little bar.  Internet is virtually not existent. 1-3Mbps is best case. Lag to send a picture message.  The $300 router I bought from Verzion last month...  Orange light and useless at these speeds.  I have ran network analyzers in the past and been hitting a tower (Band 66) less than a mile away.  No longer.  Now a band 13 tower 2 miles away...  I call Tech support and they want to reset / reboot the router OVER and Over...  If the 2 phones have no internet, rebooting the router will help nothing...  Regretting my decision to ditch Frontier (and that is sad as the bar was so low).   Ran a speed test and Google sent its sympathies for my loss..  It is bad.

Re: Signal Loss
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Aween, we are here for you to help in any way we can! So we can help look into this with you, please send us a Private Note. *Jose