Signal issues in vicinity of public library - called and told nothing they would do

Having problems with very poor coverage in vicinity of 21109 N 98th Ave
Peoria, AZ 85382
United States

This is not a rural area. It is surrounded by 100s of homes and an elementary school

in the past, in these scenarios, Verizon has sent out a network team after calling in twice (and waiting on hold the customary 15 minutes). I have done this in the past month and they basically told me no we dont do that anymore and no we wont be taking any action per your request.


We have been loyal Verizon customers for almost 20 years and we have a 7-line family plan. The least they should do is send out a team to confirm the poor quality signal... I am talking one or no bars, dropped calls, etc. Or maybe they could work out a deal with the library to put a network extender. Was actually told to try to use the library wifi to make calls. Umm, that's why i'm paying verizon. 


Please let me know what else can be done else we may need to drop as a  $300+ per month customer.