Simultaneous LTE and WiFi access?

I'm considering getting Verizon 4G LTE service for my MacBook Pro, so I can access the Internet from all over Los Angeles. Assuming the basic service works, I am still worried about a potential problem that I have encountered using the Clearwire 4G service. That is, I want to know that if I am using Verizon LTE at a client's house, can I simultaneously access the client's in-house WiFi network for the purpose of using his printer? ( He has unreliable Internet access from his carrier, but I only want to wirelessly access his printer.) When I used CLEAR, I could only use WiFi or CLEAR at a time, so either I was accessing the Net on CLEAR, with Airport turned off, or I was on Airport WiFi, with Clear turned off. If they were both active simultaneously, CLEAR access failed. Not sure why. CLEAR support says you must turn off WiFi on the lap-top before using Clear. The explanation was vague - either it is because CLEAR is using the same spectrum as WiFi, or because my MacBook Pro wouldn't know which service to use to communicate to the Net or the printer. If this is a spectrum issue for CLEAR, I'm guessing Verizon would not have that problem. Can anybody comment on this?

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Re: Simultaneous LTE and WiFi access?
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If not, you should be able to find a printer share app to print across the internet to his printer using your 4G connection.