Slow 4G LTE in Fremont, CA 94536 (Farwell Dr and Mowry Ave).

Speedtests: (Units: Mbps)

Aug 28 10:27am 1.24 down 3.63 up; Sep 9 9:38pm 0.98 down 5.03 up.

My wife's phone: Sep 9, 1.14 down and 1.54 up tonight.

Not weather related. Been happening for a month. I have an HTC Rezound, she has an HTC DNA. All latest updates installed. Have performed numerous reboots...removed the battery and sim card, etc. I noticed the same slowness while in San Francisco, CA 94107 (King St and 3rd St) 2 weekends ago. Lastly, I also noticed this issue in Late July in Pueblo, CO 81001 (Troy Ave and Highway 47).

After reading other posts, there has to be some sort of fundamental issue at the network level. XLTE? 4G had always been very consistent until the last 45-90 days. The fact it is 2 phones tells me it is not hardware related. Any thoughts VZW help? 

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Re: Slow 4G LTE in Fremont, CA 94536 (Farwell Dr and Mowry Ave).

I am also having issues in the 94555 and 94538 areas of Fremont.  Slow 4g Data speeds.  Used to be extremely fast about 30 days prior.  Lately its a crawl.  Using the Moto X 2013 version.  I hope this gets fixed soon.  If it wasn't for my unlimited data, I'd be switching to T-Mobile