Slow 4G LTE in Minneapolis

I recently (as of this weekend) finally upgraded my aging Droid Bionic with a new Moto X.  One of the big reasons was because my data speeds at my office were incredibly slow around sub 300kbps down.  I have had similar experience with my new Moto X.  My most recent OpenSignal test showed:

Downtown Minneapolis Zip 55402

Ping: 386ms

Down: 13kbps

Up: 0kbps

My Signal Strength is:

-91 dBm 50 asu

My calls and texts seem to work fine, it is just that my data connection is terrible.  I walked to the Verizon Store in the skyway and my signal strength increased dramatically - like 27mbs down 15mbs up.  I asked if they had an extender/repeater because from 2 buildings over I had minimal signal.  He said that the towers were saturated after Target provided Verizon phones to their employees and there were a number of areas with slow service and there was nothing he could do. 

One of my coworkers has a 4G Jetpack and we couldn't even get a web page to load on her laptop because the connection would time out.  I thought it could be due to something in my office building, so I went outdoors and walked down Marquette Ave (where my office is located) and had similarly slow data.  I live in Apple Valley 55124 and have decent 4G data at home, one would think my service would increase as I headed into downtown Minneapolis.

I've seen recommendations of replacing sims, factory resets, etc, but I have a 4 day old phone (that works at my house); therefore I think it is more of a network related issue.

Is there a way to escalate the slow data experienced in this market?  There must be other people that have raised concerns.  Is there a way to evaluate saturation levels?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Slow 4G LTE in Minneapolis
Customer Service Rep

Hi kevin06vino,

We appreciate your bring your problem location to our attention. Having great service is definitely important. I do apologize for the minimal speeds/slowness that may be occuring. Upon review of the area I do show that our engineers are aware of the issues in this location. My sincere apologies that I would be unable to communicate when the area will be improved. However, this issue has been escalated and our network teams are actively investigating. Please keep us posted if you have any additional questions or concerns, thanks!

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Re: Slow 4G LTE in Minneapolis

Thank you for the follow-up and letting me know it is under evaluation.

Have a lovely weekend.

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