Slow Data Speeds

Situation would like to bring to the attention of Verizon related to data speeds:

Cell phone Tower is located in Whitewater Township(Williamsburg), MI on Park Road.  I was within 1000 feet of the tower and the data speeds were very poor.  My speed test showed  2.35 Mbps download and 9.36 mbps upload.    Other towers in the area were in the 40 - 50 mbps download and 14-16 mbps upload.  Something is not right with this tower.  One year ago, this same tower had much better data speeds.  Hopeful that someone will be willing to check out this tower and see if there is some type of issue there.




Re: Slow Data Speeds
Customer Service Rep

We are sorry to hear that your device is not working as needed in your area. We want to make sure that you have the working service needed. With regard to your service issues do you know of anyone else having the same issues in your location? Does this only occur in this location or others as well?