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I work in a relatively rural area (01464).   4G data has never been great but over the last several weeks it has degraded to the point were I can no longer open web pages or stream music.

Prepaid 15GB per month plan.   Google Pixel 3aXL   Two bars showing when unable to open web pages or stream music.

Per chat session with Verizon Agent:  Reset phone,   Toggled Roaming data session,   Reset System mobile setting.  Cleared cache in all apps.    No improvements.

-Tried my backup phone.   Same issue.

-Co-workers with post paid unlimited plans experience the same behavior.

As a last resort I purchased an AT&T sim and cheap monthly plan.    Service is not great (2 bars) but I'm able to surf web and stream music consistently.    

I hate to leave Verizon....been a customer since the Bell Mobile days.  

Do I have any other options?

Not expecting Verizon to put up a tower just for us in the parking lot but service is just not as good as it use to be.    Can something be done at the Verizon end?    What would I ask for?  







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The last thing that we want is for you to have issues with your device. By any chance have you tried to restart it to see if the issue continues? DavidR_VZW

Re: Slow/No Data

Did you even read their post? Clearly started that in the first steps to resolve the issue. I have zero reception in all nearby major cities.