Slow Service in NYC Metro Area

Verizon - the network is getting slow. I rarely get LTE speeds over 5mbps, sometimes less than 1mbps with 2 and 3 4G bars. Typically I get between 1-2mbps.

I called tech support and after spending time on the phone with Level 1 then Level 2, they said it looked like a SIM problem and sent me a new one. The new SIM isn't making my phone any faster than the old one.

Other forums have the same complaint. We're paying a premium price but getting substandard speed.

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Re: Slow Service in NYC Metro Area
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Sadly, it's been like this for awhile and doesn't seem to have any end in sight...
See this old (and now closed) thread -
And this:

Same sim card story fix...then the frustration just continues..