Slow Speed with 4G LTE with 3-4 bars, Android S9+

Every single day I get only around 2.5 Mbps download and 0.02 Mbps upload in the 28645 zip code area (using speed test). Even these slow speeds are not consistent, sometimes I get no data transfer at all.  This only started to recently happen over the last month or two but it is now an everyday occurrence.  I get the same slow speeds regardless of whether I am indoors or outdoors.  Calling still works but these slow speeds are beginning to make it difficult for me to properly communicate with my clients and coworkers when it comes to any type of data transfer (photos and files).  If I can't remedy the problem I may have to consider other providers in the area as an alternative. 

Re: Slow Speed with 4G LTE with 3-4 bars, Android S9+
Customer Service Rep

We would be sad if you left. I am sure we can figure out what is going on. Does this happen only in this area? Does it improve when you leave the area? Is anyone else having this issue? What plan are you currently on?