Slow data speed since changing to unlimited
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Hi, I switched to an unlimited plan at the beginning of the year because I started traveling for work & living in an RV in rural areas where wired internet is not an option. I never had issues with data speeds when I lived at home in Houston (77058) but now I notice a definite pattern.

My connection seems ok when I'm in my RV out in less populated areas, but as soon as I go into the city my connection is drastically slowed to the point where I can't even do a simple google search without waiting several minutes for one page to load. For example, I may need to google a business to get a phone number or try to get driving directions but I'll pull over in a parking lot and wait... wait... wait.... for so long just to get one page to load & by then I'm running late & have to abandon the attempt. As soon as I get out of the city my connection is fine again.

I noticed this trend first in Arizona. Living in Tonopah (89049) my connection was good, but when I drove into the Phoenix metropolitan area (85395 for example) I noticed big slow downs even though I had 4 or more bars on 4g/LTE.

When I go back home (Houston) to visit, I had the same issue (77058) to the point where I had to leave my condo and drive around until I could connect just to do a simple search. I also noticed I got slightly better connection speeds late at night, like after midnight. Like I said before, I never had connection issues at my home in 77058 before I went to an unlimited plan.

I drove to Austin and was able to stream a movie while driving in the country, but when I got into Austin I noticed it slowed down again and had connection issues.

Now I'm in iowa, and living out in Amana (52203) and have no problem until I drive into the city, either Iowa City or Cedar Rapids.

I'm just wondering if this is a thing, or am I crazy? Is there a connection with the slow downs related to being on an unlimited plan (like data throttling or something) or is it just network congestion in big cities?

I depend on on my phones wifi for everything I do, so yes I probably use a lot of data. That's why I switched to unlimited. I use it as a hotspot to connect my laptop, my Roku, etc. because I don't have any other way to get internet or TV services in my RV while I'm traveling for work. 

Just want to bring attention to it, maybe there is something that can be improved.

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Re: Slow data speed since changing to unlimited
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Thank you for your feedback and bringing this to our attention. It is possible there is network congestion in larger cities that are affecting your data. We don't throttle the data you use on your phones, but if you've used 22GB of data and you're in a congested area, you are de-prioritized so it will take you longer to connect. Once connected, you should be experiencing 4G speeds.

If you are using your phone as a mobile hotspot or a separate mobile hotspot device, you are limited to 10GB of 4G data per bill cycle, after that, it's unlimited 3G data.


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