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My family lives in Talladega, Alabama in the 35160 zip code.    I have been a loyal Verizon customers for many years -- and have been very satisfied with Verizon's coverage and service until the last several months. I have witnessed an extreme degredation in data service, both cell and home internet, to the point where we often cannot get any data coverage in most parts of town, OR in a metropolitan area.   While our phones often show 2+ bars of LTE coverage, it will quickly jump from LTE to 3G, to no service and then back to LTE. I also added additional data thinking that we may approaching our data cap, but even with the boost, we cannot access websites or use apps. We have Apple devices (iPhone 10 Max, IPhone 7 plus), so I don't belive that it is an issue with the devices

We hate to consider leaving Verizon, but may have to do so soon.   The current service is completely unacceptable.

What are Verizon's plans for improving service? I am aware that 5G is being offered in several areas, but that is not an option for where we are, and probably will not be for some time.

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Nobody here wants you to leave, Brii9824. As you’ve been with us for many years you know Verizon has the nation's best network. Let’s find out more about the big picture so we can get this corrected.
When connected to mobile service, what are your upload and download speeds achieved when running this test?
May I have the closest cross-streets to the location where you ran the speed test? 


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verizon speeds at best will be 5-12mbps & can be muxh slower, as you're finding out.

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Should be welcome to Verizon home of the slow Network. Sprint has better data speeds and T-Mobile’s data speeds leaves Verizon sitting in the dust!!!