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Slow data

I have had my data drop dramatically every day after 12 noon.  I’ve called the help desk many times , usually they hang up, and they are useless.   I’ve upgraded to the plan as n where no throttled gets is done , same thing  after noon it slows to a crawl.   This is worse that At&t , and they horrid.   Can anybody help???? I live in CT  and I think Verizon needs to upgrade thier equipment.  Can someone who knows e we hat they are doing at Verizon get in touch with me please???????

Re: Slow data

No one is going to call you from a peer to peer forum. Other people are also using the service especially with a pandemic.


Re: Slow data
Customer Support

Vf2843, we are here and ready to assist. We know that your connection is important and want to ensure that you have the service that you need. As we will need to gather some details to see exactly what is happening, we will appreciate your assistance. You indicated that this begins every day at noon, what is the current zip code? Does this happen at a specific location? Are you aware of others that are experiencing this? Do you experience any trouble with calls or text messages?

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Re: Slow data

The data service is horrible.  At&t was better and I will probably go back to them  here is a chart of what I complaining about:

Verizon LTE band with speeds

May 27, 2020

6 AM 69 down 32.7 up

7 AM      37.5 down         18.6 up

8:30 AM 18 down           2.01 up

8::45 am.   2.4 down.       1.55 up

3:32 pm.      4.64 down.    29.1 up

4:05 pm.      3.91 down.     5.63 up

7pm.            7.26 down.      10 up

8pm.             10  down.        23 up


May 28.2020

5am.            84.5 down.          27.2 up

11:30am.      25 down.             21 up

3:45pm.       8.38 down          8.45up

8:10pm.      24.4down.           9.31up


May 29 2020

7:30am.       33.5. Down.         26.6 up

7:52am.        72.7 down.           51.2 up

9:13 AM.        15.5 down           16.9 up

1:50pm.          17 down.             14 up          3.65 down.        17.2. Up


May 31, 2020

5 PM.              3.4 down.            1.45up

5:33pm.           6.09 down.        16.2 up          7.26 down.         21.2up

6pm.                10.9 down.          13.2 up

7:55pm.           11.7 down.           19.1 up


May 31, 2020

5:30am.            68.1 down.         34.2up

7:24am.            89.8 Down.      29.4 up

5:15pm.            13 down.             12 up

8:50pm.           17.6 down.          7.98 up


June 1,2020

7:23am.        99.9 down .         42.3. Up


June 2,2020

7:11am.         92.7. Down.        52.7 up

8:16am.       92.7. Down.         32.7 up


June 3,2020

7:27am.         70 Down.        52 up

5:21 pm.       25.6 down.      33.3 up

7:21 pm.       12.5 down.      20 up


June 4,2020

7:01am.          59 down.        55 up

8:34am.          56 down.       60 up

3:46pm.        3.67 down.     14.1 up


June 5,2020

6:28 am.        64.3 down.      28.6 up

2:46pm.         11 down.           8up


June 6.2020

7:47am.         14.4up.          34.4down

10:00am       3.6 down.      16 up

10:26am.       1.43down.       8 up

11:41 am.        26.7 down.     27.5 up

2:29pm.         2.58 down.      6.96 up


June 7,2020

6:34am.         76.7 down.       21 up

11:40. Am.      3.06 down.      13.3 up

8:32pm.         18.6 down.       11.4 up



9:36am.        14.4 down.         .15 up

10:55am.        12.74down.      5.64 up



6:18am.          68.1 down.        31 up



7:10am.          33.9 down.       34 up

4:12 pm.         7.65 down.       16 up



5:19pm.           25.6 down.     7.78 up

6:18pm.          30.8. Down    8.87 up

8:33pm.          30.6 down.     23.4 up



7:05 am.         131 down.        53.7 up



4:30 pm.         2.96 down.        14.1 up

7pm.                6.54 down.        30.1 up



6:00am.         59 down.            38.3up

please respond with a solution  or I am out

Re: Slow data
Super User
Super User

Which plan do you have? Are you using the mobile hotspot feature on your phone to access the internet? Are the speed tests you provided from the phone connecting directly to the Verizon Wireless network or from another device connected via the Wi-Fi of your mobile hotspot feature? 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Slow data
Customer Support

vf2843, We surely don't want to lose you and we want to be sure that you expereince the best speeds possible. Many of the speeds that you presented are within our 4G LTE guidelines: Please be sure to reach out to us at the time that you are experiencing slow speeds and we will be sure to do all we can to help.