Slow internet cell service
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How do I report slow internet service in my area? Neighbors have also complained and my phone works fine in other areas.  

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call 611 and request technical support, select 6 for other options and during business hours eventually a tier I representative answers.  You then have to do a "troubleshooting" procedure even though nothing is wrong with the phone in order to get transferred to "tech support" where they'll try to pretend it's your phone or signal strength again (even though we all know it's congestion).  After an hour or so of this, they'll usually lie and claim some signal or SIM problem. 

(of course, at 4am the data isn't slow)

They won't file it as a complaint and every time you call in they'll say "we have no record of any complaints in your area".



Customer Service Rep

Hello. What is the ZIP Code for your location, so I may review your area for any open alerts?