Slow lte service at peak times

I am having very slow service at certain times of the day, below 1mg and as slow as .4mg. A ticket was created [Removed], the only time I was able to find anything out about my ticket was when I contact someone my self. The problem i have been told is line of sight or obstruction interference. I have contacted verizon 3 times with no resolution. I believe this is not the problem, I have ran speed test for over a month and My speed range from 15mb down load to .4mb. The point is the slow speeds are coming at consistent times, peak hours. I have shared my results with my contacts at verizon support and have given some of my results to them. They completely understand but tell me they can not do anything to help. I was told to be persistent in resoling my problem.

     The problem is the tower can not handle the traffic at peak hours, This is a fact, Several people have switched to lte service in my area but no one wants to correct the problem or can't. Verizon as sold more product (service) than they can handle. I would like to be let out of my contract so i can have the option to go elsewhere.   

     I really do not want to switch but i think dealing with this problem for 6 weeks is enough!

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Re: Slow lte service at peak times
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We definitely understand how service issues can be frustrating RIR41. I'm  happy you have reported the issues to us but sad to hear there was no resolution and you're considering leaving us. Did we process a trouble-ticket for your issues? Did the trouble-ticket advise there was congestion in your area or marginal coverage?



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