Slow or Non-Existent 4G LTE Service in Charlottesville, VA since July

Since the last week of July, 4G LTE service has been unavailable or painfully slow at my home south of Charlottesville, VA. The two phones displayed 3G or 1X service. I spent a few hours on two occasions with customer support, who told me they were aware of the problem and working to fix it. I never received resolution, and it has only gotten worse. We are using three devices - Apple iPhone 5S, HTC Thunderbolt and Verzion HomeFusion cantenna.

Both the phones stopped receiving 4G at all for a few weeks. Now they receive it sporadically, and when they show 4G, it is very slow. The HomeFusion service (4G-only) continued to work, but has gotten slower over time. Sunday morning it would not receive at all, and only started working again after a power-down cycle. The service had been pretty reliable after some initial problems (Verizon had to try 3 units before we got one that would work), but lately it feels as slow as dial-up. We cannot play YouTube videos at all, and many apps take forever to update data.

I understand my area was on the list for XLTE, and wonder if our problems coincide with the roll-out of that technology. I would call Verizon about it again, but that ends up costing me a couple of hours on the phone, a useless work-order number, and no resolution. We are seriously considering switching to another cellular provider along with a separate internet provider - CenturyLink claims they can serve us now, and I know they have fiber within a mile of my house....

Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated.

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