Slow wireless data speeds 5pm (Boston area) every day over last week
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Every day for the past 10 days I've noticed VZW LTE data speeds to my iPhone SE2020 have slowed to a crawls to the point I can't browse to websites, I cannot download files and I cannot run apps.  Then around 7pm or so connectivity resumes but slower.  I have tested my phone, I have the latest iOS, I have done the various things Apple support suggested to no avail.  LTE service is great during the daytime but at 5pm it slows down really badly.  It's so ineffective I need to hop onto Wi-Fi to get anything done.  Fortunately cellular calls are fine and SMS texting is fine at all times.  What's going on Verizon?  Is anyone else experiencing this too?

Re: Slow wireless data speeds 5pm (Boston area) every day over last week
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I use an LG V60 5G UW, everything fully updated, unlimited data plan, and I've been experiencing the same thing all month (only have noticed after going back to the office since things are "back to normal"). I'll note that the time of day does not matter whether it's when I'm walking the dog at 6:30am or driving back from the office in the afternoon/early evening. 

I took my phone to the local Verizon store, and the representative could not understand the issue, either (tried limited mobile networks as a workaround, which didn't solve the issue), though turning on/off mobile data and/or airplane mode (or rebooting) appeared to alleviate the issues temporarily for a few minutes maximum.

I've also performed the network settings reset (not per the rep's advice, either), and that did not help the connectivity despite the hassle to reconnect everything after. 

Restarting in Safe Mode (hold power off button, then hold power off icon on screen, be sure to turn off airplane mode after restart), and the connectivity was much better with consistent speeds. Limited apps are functional during this mode, so your problem apps will probably not function for you to do a real test.  

Given a few minutes after the reboot from Safe Mode, and the problems persist. 

Re: Slow wireless data speeds 5pm (Boston area) every day over last week
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We want to ensure your device is always connected as it should be, Dennis. We would like to review your account and line to see how it is connecting to our network in the Boston area. Please send us a Private Note to get started!