So, how do we make them pay?
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The fact everyday there are more posts like this: basically indicate nobody is finding out about the 4G problems until too late like us.  So somehow we have to get more attention to them, it's obvious their attention won't be on this problem until after they have gathered as much market share as possible.  There has to be a way to force their hand.



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Yeah, I noted somewhere else that nobody comes to these forums until they have problems. And you only have problems after you're committed.


Short of a Super-Dooper, Google-sized Consumer Reports/Review site that EVERYBODY would use before making major purchases, there's not a lot that can be done.


I make it a point to read reviews. I've noticed a few industries realy care about their on-line reputations (and respond vigorously) while others don't have to. 


'Good question.   What would scare 'em?


P.S. I'm a Free Market guy.   If Verizon isn't committing outright fraud,  laws aren't as good an answer as walking money.