Something i Seen in Video i thought Was Really Wasn't.!

When i was watching the Video i provided in the Link i learned something on the 4G LTE indicator and the Signal Bars.!

I always thought since there were Multiple Radios in My Maxx  that when i was in a 4G area that the 4GLTE indicator represented the Signal i was Getting. But at the same time i thought the Bars of Signal was reading the CDMA part of it or what i always called Voice Signal. 

But was i ever Wrong in the Video i included the Guy that is doing the review on the new Razr M said the Bars of Service when in a 4GLTE area it is showing the true Strength of the LTE.!   and not CDMA as i always thought it did silly me. He went on to say in the Video that's why at times the bars seem to be on the Low end of the Level. He also Mentioned that once we get into Next Year Verizon is Going to Roll out Voice over LTE witch he said will make Voice Calls sound allot more Clearer..

But When i watched the Video and learned of that i thought it was a neat thing to Know as i again thought the Signal indicators represented two Different type of things.. 

Here is the Video on the New Razr M... If you want to Go Directly to were he Mentions the LTE Move your Mouse to Were the Video Cuts in at around 5 Minutes.. And you can Here that.. Enjoy.. b33Smiley Happy

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