Somewhat 4g - Somewhat Blackberry - somewhat product roadmaps

I'm a BlackBerry user for three reasons. I need a keypad, the touch screens don't work for me. The mail on Blackerry comes through better and faster that any of the competitors and yes I mean email and not twitter or facebook or IM or messenger.


I can do it all, includung typing email, with one hand.


I am beyond the end of my contract on one of them and at the end on two others.


There is no Blackberry 4g Phone. You have announced no Blackberry 4g phone roadmap.


We have been with Verizon for years - but with no path to a 46 Blackberry and with no contracts enforcing our allegience... well we at least have a reason to move our business. We have no reason to 'upgrade to a blackberry that is CDMA/GSM as that is what we have with the Blackberry Tours right now. Give us a roadmap to a BB with 4g and some type of qwerty (maybe a slider)  in the near future or run the real risk of loosing our business.

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Verizon Employee

Good morning MikeLieberman,


Blackberries are excellent devices and I carried many of them over the years. I agree with your statement on the capabilities of blackberries. The email functionality is unmatched by any other manufacturer & most of the devices that RIM has released have more than one technology for global roaming. On the other side of the spectrum, 4G LTE is by far faster in every aspect when compared to 3G, regardless of technology. As we both know, 4G is new to the wireless industry and hasn't been implement in most parts of the world. In my opinion, this may be one of the reason as to why RIM may have not released or notified the public of a 4G blackberry, regardless of carriers.


It's safe to say that most blackberry users prefer these unique devices for business use. Since international business has grown exponentially over the years, 3G is still preferred as it is compatible with more international destinations than 4G at this time. Once again, I would like to reiterate that this is my opinion and has not been confirmed or denied by the manufacturer, RIM. 


As a wireless service provider, we value the relationship that we have with you. We are constantly growing our device portfolio to accommodate the needs of our customers. Although I do not have any information if/when RIM will release a 4G device, we still continue to offer new blackberry devices that I think you will be VERY happy with. For example, please review the link below for one of our newest addition to our family of devices.


Feel free to share your thoughts and opinion as I am eager to assist! 


Thank you...