Southeast Michigan abysmal data service as of late.

I've been a VZW customer for longer than I can remember...going all the way back to Airtouch Paging days. While we've always been willing to pay a little more for what was great service we now are seriously thinking about changing providers. Our service is nothing short of abysmal (especially data) and after talking to other VZW customers in our immediate area, our problem is not unique. When I contacted Tech Support, they suggested a range extender (which I can't use because we have no high speed internet service available to us). Apart from that, we were told that basically nothing could be done. One rep tried to set me up with a new data plan (even if you're throttling my data, I should be able to at least connect).  When asked if a tech could at least be sent out to see if there were any other options, I was told no. The last rep I spoke to suggested I download the Root Metrics app to see who had better service.  That'd work IF I COULD GET A DATA CONNECTION!!!!  My device (LG V20) works fine everywhere else (including Australia), so please don't suggest I buy an new $1k phone. 

We may be saying good bye to you, Big Red because you seem to lack any interest in retaining us as customers. Loyalty counts in our book, but apparently not in yours.