Statement regarding customer service & the elderly

I'm trying to resolve an issue in helping my elderly disabled mother. I have full POA. I need to have her line transferred to my acct and purchase her a phone. I went prepared to my local store with the POA in hand only to leave angry. This is not my first rodeo. I've dealt with legal issues, selling of property, health care issues, etc. I have to say that dealing with the DMV was easier than dealing with Verizon. Everyone knows how DMV can be so.... I understand that there are steps you need to take to get issues resolved. However, the rep rolled her face when she said she would have to fax the POA to Legal like it was a bother. That's the part that made me angry. It wasn't taking the necessary steps. I get that. My mother served this country for 40 years. She has dementia now and she's fixated on getting a working phone. It makes me angry that some child at Verizon acted like it was a bother. Let me say it again DMV. Pitiful. I left with no phone. Supposedly waiting on a call from Verizon to move forward. maybe this week? I wont hold my breath.

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