Streaming Apps not working with Dual Router Configuration

I have a dual router setup that I have always used with other internet providers. Just started using Verizon LTE 4G Home with probably the latest router. Basic internet access works fine, but the streaming apps (Netflix, HULU, Disney, ESPN, SirusXM) stopped working when I started with Verizon LTE internet. I tried them on the Sony TV, Roku, and Amazon fire stick. The only time they work is if my devices are connected to the LTE router. My dual router configuration uses the LTE router to make the internet connection. Wireless is turned off on the LTE. My Netgear Nighthawk is wired to the LTE Lan port and connected the Nighthawk Wan port. All my devices hard wired and wireless are connected to the Nighthawk which is a different subnet. All I want from the LTE router is a connection to the internet. As I mentioned, there was no problem when I used Satellite internet and a wireless internet. I already talked with Verizon support. I am currently researching further but decided to post if anyone has run into this with dual routers. Some have mentioned Bridged mode, but I don't want that configuration for the Nighthawk.